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Dog missing after I-96 rollover | Pets

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Dog missing after I-96 rollover

COOPERSVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) - Knowing animals as he does, Coopersville veterinarian Dr. Ira Engeltjes says he understands why his dog ran away when the truck they were in rolled and crashed on I-96.

"Because she was scared out of her mind," he says

His 8 year old golden retriever Emmy was the only passenger when Dr. Ira lost control of his truck on I-96 near the Marne exit.

He says the truck swerved and he couldn't bring it back.

"I'm talking to the dog the whole time," he says. "'Hang on Emmy, we are going into the ditch'. Not only did we go into the ditch, but we rolled at least once."

Nearly blind because of blood flowing into his eyes from a head wound, Dr. Ira says he managed to squeeze out of his wrecked vehicle.

"When I got out and onto the shoulder they asked me if I was the only person in there.  I said, 'Yes, but my dog is in there'.
I was way more concerned with my dog than me."

Before the dog was secured another car came skidding down the interstate and sideswiped the squad car of a deputy who had stopped to help. In the confusion, Emmy ran away.

"A truck driver stopped and said he saw her hightailing off," recalls Dr. Ira. "I was so disoriented I have no idea which way he was pointing."

After his wounds were stitched at the hospital, Dr. Ira and some volunteers from his Coopersville animal clinic spent hours searching, but no luck.

"We were out about 3 hours," says Dianne Kleibusch. "We are hoping someone took her in and is keeping her warm."

The dog was wearing a license and also has an implanted identification microchip.

"We got her 8 years ago as a puppy," says Dr. Ira. "She was my family."