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Young artist is part of an ArtPrize masterpiece
Young artist is part of an ArtPrize masterpiece

MARNE, Mich.--Lauren Fuller was only 12 years old when she traveled to Prague, Czech Republic this past summer to sing with the Grand Rapids Symphony Youth Choir.

One of the stops was in the town of Terezin where the World War II Concentration Camp of Theresienstadt was. The choir was scheduled to perform there; unfortunately, very few people showed up for their performance.

The Concentration Camp of Theresienstadt was a labor camp during World War II.  It was open for three and a half years. Many people died at the camp- 97,297 Jews from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia.  Among those killed were 15,000 were children, who mostly died in a gas chamber.  Only 132 children survived in this camp.

The song that the youth choir sang, "I Never Saw Another Butterfly-Birdsong,"  draws from poems written by the children in Terezin. Its haunting beauty, showcased by the angelic voices of the Grand Rapids Sympony Youth Choir and Youth Choral Theater of Chicago, is a sharp contrast to the backdrop and history of the concentration camp. The beautiful photography, the professional and poignant video and the gifted voices of these youngsters is well worth a second look and listen!

Here is a link to some of the performance:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovsVF7wakiU