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Where does all the snow go? | Business

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Where does all the snow go?
Where does all the snow go?

COOPERSVILLE, Mich.—This winter is nearing another record for snowfall; so where does all that snow go?

In Coopersville, just look to Vets Park.  City Manager Steven Patrick says the city has given local businesses the green light to bring their snow to the park, where it will be stored until the warm weather returns and makes it melt.  Hauling snow to the open area helps eliminate potentially dangerous snowbanks on the edges of roadways, which can block drivers’ sight.  It also provides more space on roads and parking lots, which have shrunk as the piles have grown.

Patrick says dropping off snow at the park has been the practice of the city for years, so if residents see vehicles hauling snow into the park, rest assured that the city has given its approval.