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CAPS - Superintendent Update
CAPS - Superintendent Update

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Dear Friends:

On behalf of our students and district, I want to thank you for the support of the five-year18-mil non-homestead renewal which was approved by the voters of the district on May 8. This will allow our district to receive full foundation funding for our students. We appreciate your support!

As we work through the budget process in our district preparing for the 2012-13 school year, we face some challenges. The legislature has communicated an 'increase' in funding for schools, but this announcement does not describe the total picture and follows last year's historically large cut to schools from both the state and federal levels. However, to understand the entire picture, we need to look at the expenses as well. The legislature also passed a requirement for kindergarten which would require a cut in our current funding of $638,000 next year or we could choose to add full day kindergarten programs at an additional expense of $300,000. In addition, the retirement system which all public schools are required to pay into for their employees has been projected to increase next year by an additional $230,000 in cost to our district. Although this legislation is not finalized at the time of publication, these two costs alone which we are required to pay as compared to last year's total state revenue, will far exceed the 'increase' touted by the State. Additionally, we are planning expense increases in gasoline, utility costs, and other areas.

As these expenses far outpace the revenues we will receive, we will again operate in a deficit for the coming year, forcing us to spend money out of our fund balance, even though we have made significant reductions over the last several years. However, we will still look to operate next year maintaining reasonable class sizes and working to preserve our programs. For a district with 2,500 students, we operate on a very efficient and lean structure and are fortunate to have a fund balance which we will again need to utilize in combination with our efficiencies.

The good news is that we will be able to operate for the next year without making the deeper cuts we see happening in some districts around Michigan. We are committed to continuing to provide the best education possible for our kids. We invite you to remain politically involved as the legislature controls educational decisions which twenty years ago were made at the local level. We would ask that your election year decisions are based on what you see is best for our children and their future.

For some great news, we were notified this month by the Michigan Association of School Boards that our high school was selected as one of Michigan's Education Excellence Award Winners for our annual art show program which shares the creative talents of our students with the community. I congratulate our high school and Art department for their great work and also our community for its support of all of our Arts' programs.

As we near the end of the school year, we reflect on the many great successes of our students. As I attend art shows, banquets, award presentations, concerts, and the many other year-end activities, I see first hand the hard work and talents of our students. It is great to be part of the education of our next generation!


Ron Veldman