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Law Enforcement Memorial to be built in Ottawa County | Community Spirit

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Law Enforcement Memorial to be built in Ottawa County
Law Enforcement Memorial to be built in Ottawa County

Ottawa County Sheriff, Gary Rosema, is heading up a drive to build a commemorative wall to honor law enforcement officers who serve and have served Ottawa County. The wall would also serve as a memorial to any and all officers who have given their lives in the line of duty.

Sheriff Rosema, who may be serving his last term in office, has been dwelling on this idea for more than a decade but funds for a project like this are just not available. Finally, this spring, he launched a fundraising campaign to erect this memorial wall and garden near the entrance of the Ottawa County Filmore Complex, located at 12220 Filmore St in West Olive. No public money will be used for this project expected to cost $80,000.00. Ottawa Co. Sgt. Val Weiss is the coordinator for the fund raising project and said $5000 has already been donated by Northwestern University.

Sgt. Weiss and her committee are selling bricks for $100 each to raise money to complete the project. They have 1700 bricks for sale that could be engraved and used at the site. She said they hope to start construction in the fall.

The focal point of the garden will feature three bronze statues. The middle figure, an officer, will be labeled “The Protector” with a figure of a young girl and boy on either side of the officer.

Information gathered from NW Advance