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Bag It!
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Finally the weather is nice enough to take the dogs for long walks again.  We had a great walk yesterday.  It would have been perfect except for the fact that one of my dogs is very interested in other dogs’ doo-doo.  I know - it’s gross.  Imagine being kissed by that dog! Yuck! 

I always carry bags with me and always pick up after my dogs…always.  I have run out of bags while out.  I knock on doors and ask for a bag.  I have never had anyone refuse to give me a bag. I’m also prepared for evening poop recon.  I carry a flashlight with me so I can still pick up after the dogs. 

You might think that your tiny dog doesn’t leave “that big of a mess”…my dog still wants to eat it.  (Yuck!)  Big dogs or little dogs – it doesn’t matter – it is just nasty to leave it behind.

I wondered about fines for not picking up the dog doo-doo.  It’s my understanding from the folks at Coopersville City Hall that we fall under the Ottawa County rules.  An offense could lead to $50 fine, or an offender could get community service.  (Wouldn’t it be ironic if the offender had to pick up dog doo-doo as community service?)

Now about those horses…..

Environment, News, Pets