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Farmers’ Panel: My Local Favorites Talk Grassfed, Organic | Environment

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Farmers’ Panel: My Local Favorites Talk Grassfed, Organic
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Farmers’ Panel: My Local Favorites Talk Grassfed, Organic

Do you have a farmer?

It gives me great joy to say “my farmer” and my joy multiplies as I find more and more wonderful places and wonderful people in Grand Rapids, MI to which to apply that label. I’ve got “my milk farm” and “my egg farm” and “my chicken farm” and “my beef farm” and some that fit many categories. The photo above is from one of the first times we went to pick up our raw milk at Angelus Farms. Sadly, with 6 kids, new calves, an expanding chicken flock and maple syrup, “my” milk farmers weren’t able to find the time to participate in the panel.

I’m so pleased to introduce you to two of “my farmers” today, where I’ve bought all kinds of delicious meats, the best eggs ever, and even artisan cheese. I hope you enjoy getting to know them (and get a little jealous of me for my food “land of abundance,” the opposite of a food desert), but  most importantly, I want to inspire you to talk to your own farmer and understand how to evaluate the conversation.Just so you know, I copied all answers in full exactly the way each panelist wished to be heard (although I may have edited a few misspellings; my English major’s fingers couldn’t be stopped).

If you missed it, the first two featured farmers dished out on life in New York and Ohio yesterday.

UPDATE: My wrap-up and opinions of the entire series, including grass vs. grain, big vs. small, GMOs, and if I’ll make any changes in my shopping habits after interviewing a diverse array of farmers, is HERE.

Karin: a local dairy and beef farmer, my personal choice of late for meat, because she raises grassfed animals organically (not certified) traditionally and sustainably (Find her @wbdairy and Woodbridge Farms “The Udder Farm Owners” – UFO)

Betsy: another local farmer whom I patronize, raising certified organic, grassfed dairy cattle, also beef, chickens and pork (Find her at Grassfields Cheese)



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