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Urban Wildlife - Critters who taunt George - Meet Nutty

Urban Wildlife - Critters who taunt George - Meet Nutty

George is one of the most good-natured dogs you will ever meet.  I feel bad for him when “Nutty” and his squirrelly friends taunt him.  I think they realize they are safe around George since he is not very fast on his feet.  We have two types of squirrels living in our backyard: several Fox Squirrels and one American Red Squirrel.

Fox Squirrels are the largest squirrels in Michigan.  They are sometimes confused with the slightly smaller Eastern Gray Squirrel.  The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is Fox Squirrels have reddish-orange bellies, while their cousins, the Gray Squirrels, have white bellies.

Perennial Garden

Perennial Garden

This past weekend I noticed a flurry of activity at the Perennial Garden at the corner of Ottawa and Pine in Coopersville.  There must have been 20 people sprucing up the Garden.  The weeds were flying!  The Garden is beautiful with the stone paver walkways and the fountain in the center.   There are also benches so you can sit and enjoy the Garden.  It's a great little spot to relax.  I love it!

The Oreoles are back!

I was so excited to see the male Oreoles back last week. I watched them all last week gathering dried grass, sticks, string & dog hair to get their nests built before their mate got there. I read in one of my bird books to put small pieces of string out and brush the dog where they can gather the hair to build their nest. I saw the first female at the dish of grape jelly on Saturday. They are incredible to watch and listen to. I had four males on my deck at the same time Saturday and have seen two other males as well. They have very distinct markings this year. One of them built their nest in a tree next to the Coopersville-Marne Railway. As the train went by this weekend, it didn't seem to bother them a bit.  I can't wait to see the young ones at our feeder. Between the Oreoles and the house finches at the dish of grape jelly, it is going to be a fun summer for watching birds.


Farmers’ Panel: My Local Favorites Talk Grassfed, Organic

Farmers’ Panel: My Local Favorites Talk Grassfed, Organic

Do you have a farmer?

It gives me great joy to say “my farmer” and my joy multiplies as I find more and more wonderful places and wonderful people in Grand Rapids, MI to which to apply that label. I’ve got “my milk farm” and “my egg farm” and “my chicken farm” and “my beef farm” and some that fit many categories. The photo above is from one of the first times we went to pick up our raw milk at Angelus Farms. Sadly, with 6 kids, new calves, an expanding chicken flock and maple syrup, “my” milk farmers weren’t able to find the time to participate in the panel.

Bag It!

Finally the weather is nice enough to take the dogs for long walks again.  We had a great walk yesterday.  It would have been perfect except for the fact that one of my dogs is very interested in other dogs’ doo-doo.  I know - it’s gross.  Imagine being kissed by that dog! Yuck! 

I always carry bags with me and always pick up after my dogs…always.  I have run out of bags while out.  I knock on doors and ask for a bag.  I have never had anyone refuse to give me a bag. I’m also prepared for evening poop recon.  I carry a flashlight with me so I can still pick up after the dogs. 

You might think that your tiny dog doesn’t leave “that big of a mess”…my dog still wants to eat it.  (Yuck!)  Big dogs or little dogs – it doesn’t matter – it is just nasty to leave it behind.

City of Coopersville spring clean-up day is Friday, May 6

The City of Coopersville’s spring clean-up day is Friday, May 6, 2011. Allied Waste Services will be picking up and disposing of unwanted items that can be carried by two men. This is for city residents only; this is not for our commercial or industrial neighbors. This also does not include residents of Timberline Estates, or the Meadow Green condominiums.

Items that will NOT be picked up are:

  • automobile parts and especially NO TIRES;
  • hazardous chemicals or liquids;
  • building materials or paint;
  • railroad ties or concrete;
  • grass clippings, large branches, or yard waste materials.

For more specific questions, call allied waste Services at 1(877) 698-7274.