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Lost in seven tons of garbage, family heirloom found | News

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Lost in seven tons of garbage, family heirloom found

COOPERSVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) -- Losing a family heirloom can be devastating -- so when a Coopersville woman learned her mother-in-law's snow globe was accidentally thrown in the garbage, she called the landfill to see what, if anything, they could do.

"She got it when she learned she was cancer free on her birthday," said Kasey Davis, who added it's a family treasure. "You really can't put a price on it. It has more of a sentimental value then it does anything."

When Davis learned her mother-in-law's cancer had returned, she wanted to give the snow globe an upgrade.

"We went to get it engraved," she explained, adding the words,"We Love You," to show support.

On the day she was going to take it to the shop, she asked her 6-year-old son Sam to put the box with the snow globe in the family van. He, however, misheard her, putting the box with the snow globe in the trash, on his way into the van.

"I asked Sam where it was and he said, 'It was in the garbage,'" Davis said of what happened next. It was garbage day, so she quickly called neighbors only to discover the garbage had been picked up.

She then called the Ottawa County landfill. Dispatcher Katie Crawley took the call. "I said, 'This globe had to be found,' so I got on the phone with the driver."

The good news was the driver hadn't dumped his load yet -- but the bad news was there were seven tons of garage on the truck.

Jim Linton, the truck driver, says he wasn't confident about getting the heirloom out. "There was no way they were going to find it."

Still, Linton created a special pile at the landfill and hoped the snow globe was inside. He searched through the pile, but to no avail. He had to go finish his route.

"He didn't find it, but when I finally got there he guided us out to the back we found it in the pile," Davis said. She spotted the box with the snow globe quickly. She opened the box, and the snow globe was in one piece.

"She got lucky," Linton said.

On Tuesday, Davis got to meet and thank the garbage truck driver and the dispatcher who helped returned the precious item.