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My Town Coopersville: Heavy snow likely to blame for roof collapse on fair grounds

My Town Coopersville: Heavy snow likely to blame for roof collapse on fair grounds

MARNE, Mich.-- Heavy snow is likely to blame for a roof collapse at the Berlin Fair Grounds.

Kathy Perrin, a member of the 4H Club says she drove past the beef barn Wednesday, Feb. 19 and noticed the roof had collapsed.  WZZM 13 has left messages at the Berlin Fair office for additional information about the roof collapse.

The Berlin Fair Grounds is located at 2008 Berlin Fair Dr. in Marne.  The venue is home to the Berlin Fair, which is scheduled for June 16 through June 20, 2014.

Residents asked to adopt a fire hydrant and potentially save lives

Residents asked to adopt a fire hydrant and potentially save lives

COOPERSVILLE, Mich.—   The City of Coopersville is asking community members to do a little extra digging in the snow to help avoid a potentially deadly situation.

 Kim Grupa Ayers, the assistant to the city manager, says Coopersville is home to more than 250 hydrants, and some have been buried by the heavy snows.  Ayers says the city doesn’t have enough staff to keep up with clearing hydrants, but it’s important there is access, since the time it takes to find and tap a hydrant can mean the difference between life and death during a fire.

The city is asking residents to adopt a nearby fire hydrant and help keep it clear.  It's a request Alpine Township is also making of its residents, citing slippery roads and frozen hose lines as other winter hindrances for firefighters battling flames.  The Township's website reads: "Please do your part to keep you and your neighbors safe by clearing hydrants of snow."

Ottawa County Road Commission closing in on maxing winter budget

Ottawa County Road Commission closing in on maxing winter budget

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich.—  Before this weekend’s storm,  the Ottawa County Road Commission says it was already over 70 percent through its budget for the entire winter season.

That budget pays for clearing, sanding and salting roads.  During a typical year, the County Road Commission will use about 20,000 to 25,000 tons of salt and 14,000 to 18,000 tons of sand, leading to a bill that can total $2 million- $3 million annually.  As of Jan. 10, 2014, the Ottawa County Road Commission already blew through $1.85 million of its $2.6 million budget.  The cost of salt isn’t helping; the Road Commission says the price per ton has nearly doubled since 2003.

During winter, the Ottawa County Road Commission operates 62 snow plows out of four garages located in Coopersville, Grand Haven Township, Hudsonville and Holland Township.  It can take the team up to three days to clear all Ottawa County roads after a typical snow storm.


City water rate decrease up for discussion Jan. 27

City water rate decrease up for discussion Jan. 27

COOPERSVILLE, Mich.—The Coopersville City Council is expected to discuss whether to pass along a slight price drop in Ottawa County water rates to customers.

The water rate dropped approximately $0.05 per 1,000 gallons beginning Jan. 1.  City Manager Steven Patrick is recommending water rates remain the same for customers so the city can set aside additional funding for future maintenance projects and upgrades as needed.  However, the city council is not expected to take action on the proposal.

Patrick is also recommending the city purchase a backup pump in case the booster pump on 64th Avenue at W. Randall Street fails.  Patrick says if the emergency arose, the $5,005 price tag of a backup pump is relatively low when compared to how long it could take to provide water to the nearby homes and businesses that need it.

The City Council meeting begins at 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 27.

Crashes mar morning commute; two injured

(WZZM) Three vehicles were involved in a morning crash in northern Kent County.

The crash happened at the intersection of Seven Mile Road and Fruitridge Avenue.

Police on the scene tell our crew that an SUV traveling west on Seven Mile ran the stop sign at the corner of Fruitridge Avenue striking a vehicle.  That vehicle was then pushed into a third vehicle.

All the people involved in the crash refused medical treatment.

Another crash with injuries took place about the same time at 68th Avenue and Leonard Street near Coopersville. 

Police say 54-year-old Robert Hill, Jr. was driving north on 68th Avenue when he crossed the center line and hit a box truck, and then another truck head on.  Hill, and the driver of the other pick up, 25 year old Kurt Zwak of Coopersville, were both pinned in their vehicles.  Firefighters from Coopersville and Allendale extricated the men from their vehicles.

Planning commission to review Coopersville Master Plan

Planning commission to review Coopersville Master Plan

COOPERSVILLE, Mich.-- The Coopersville Planning Commission will review and begin revising the city's Master Plan during the regular commission meeting Monday, Jan. 20.

The review session comes as developers continue to work on a couple site plans within the city.  Planning Director Steven Patrick says both projects are not ready to be presented to the commission, so the group of city leaders will use their time to update the Master Plan, which is required by law to be revised or reviewed every five years.

Monday night's meeting begins at 6 p.m.

Missing elderly man found dead

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- The body of Bob Farthing was found in the back of his vehicle by family members.  His daughter says it was parked at a hotel on the East Beltline.

Farthing, 78, travelled from Flint with his wife on Wednesday.  Police say he dropped her off to Spectrum Butterworth to visit a patient and said he was going to a nearby restaurant for some food. He never returned to pick her up.

"He would never, ever have disappeared, he would have never taken off and left my mother like this," said Denise Shaheen, Farthing's daughter. She says there is only one explanation for the disappearance. "He is struggling with the withdrawal from the drug Paxil."

After using the antidepressant for 15 years, his family says doctors were weaning Farthing off of the powerful drug and putting him on other medicine. But it was a difficult process.