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Ottawa County canvassing for Unlicensed Dogs

Ottawa County canvassing for Unlicensed Dogs

If you live in the Allendale or Park township area and have a dog, you may be getting a visit from an Ottawa County official in the next few weeks. They are canvassing the areas for unlicensed dogs.

Having your dog licensed assures it will be returned to you should it ever become lost. It is very simple to obtain a license in person at many government offices, on line or at many veterinarians. Cost for a license can run from $10 to $70.

Households with unlicensed dogs will be given information on how to obtain a license that includes proof of a current rabies shot and proof of spaying or neutering. Those who do not obtain a license run the risk of being issued a ticket. Having a license that can be identified eliminates the need for your dog to end up going to the animal shelter, should they become lost.

Funds from licensing help with shelter costs provided by the Harbor Humane Society.

Rare owl released back into wild

COOPERSVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) -- A rare owl that was found near death in a Coopersville barn was released back into the wild Friday afternoon.

The barn owl, thought not to exist in Michigan, was found inside Bruce and Laura Conrad's barn, back in June. The family took the owl to Blandford Nature Center in Grand Rapids, to be treated.  A veterinarian determined the bird had ingested rat poison.

After six months of rehab it was released near the home where it was found.  Sam Smith and Lori Lomoro from Blandford worked with the bird.

"We weren't sure if we caught it in time, or what was going to happen, but he bounced right back," says Smith.  "It's pretty amazing how far he came from where he was to what we saw today.  Absolutely amazing."

"It's awesome to see he made it," says Lomoro.  "We haven't seen him make noise like that".

"It's cool, he didn't make noise then," says Bruce Conrad.

Dogs save family from mobile home fire

COOPERSVILLE, Mich. (WZZM)-  Three dogs became lifesavers during a house fire in Coopersville Thursday morning.

A loud barking Dachshund mix and two Chihuahua's alerted their owners of a fire at the home on the 300 block of Blue Oak Drive.  Banda Andrews and her husband took their 11-month-old girl and ran out of the house. 

Investigators say the fire, which started on the porch, destroyed the house and even damaged a neighboring home. Andrews says without her dogs, she wouldn't have known there was a fire.

"We've always had emotional connections with our dogs. They know when we don't feel good they know when something isn't right. I'm positive they can feel the appreciation because we all owe our lives to them," says Andrews.

One firefighter suffered from dehydration. The cause of the fire is still being investigated but fire officials believe it may have been sparked by a cigarette butt. 

Lost Dog in Coopersville

Lost Dog in Coopersville

This dog showed up at my friends house last night. She said he is a wonderful dog but he does not have tags. She is hoping to find the owners of the dog so she doesn't have to bring him to the Humane Society.

Please email Patty at sassysuman@yahoo.com

Thank you!