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We trade our Urban Wildlife for a rare sighting -- The elusive badger

We trade our Urban Wildlife for a rare sighting -- The elusive badger

Meet Bella, Bucky and Barry:

We leave the urban wildlife in Forest Hills and head to our cabin in Wisconsin.  In Michigan, you would call our cabin a cottage.  In Wisconsin, they are known as cabins.  Anyway I digress - our cabin is on 10 hilly acres of grassland in the bluff country of southern Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin is known as the dairy state, but the “state animal” is not a cow.  It’s the badger.  Yes, Wisconsinites have seen Bucky the Badger, the University of Wisconsin’s mascot.  But very few of them have ever seen a real badger.  Our property in Wisconsin was invaded by three badgers last year!!!!

The first sign of a badger invasion:

The first sign of the badger invasion was the yard, which was dug up.  Badgers prefer to live in open grasslands, fields and pastures.  My husband mows about four acres of our property and lets the rest of the grasses grow wild.

A break from urban wildlife for a day at the beach

A break from urban wildlife for a day at the beach

LAKE MICHIGAN -  Even a dog has to take a break from all the excitement of his backyard kingdom.  On this sunny summer day, George, my husband, and I head to the beach.  Our friends, Nancy and Don, own a cottage on Lake Michigan, and they have invited the three of us to spend the day at the beach.

This is George’s first visit to Lake Michigan.  The waves were a little intimidating at first.  He would sniff the water, but he would not allow himself to get wet.  He wouldn’t even dip his paw into the water to check it out.  Then something caught his eye.  George noticed the beautiful white birds walking along the water’s edge.  He tried to get close to these interesting critters, but they would simply fly off.

Silly me, I thought seagulls only lived by the ocean, and then I moved to Michigan and discovered the Big Lake is home to a thriving population of seagulls.  I have since learned that seagulls or gulls will live al

Perennial Garden

Perennial Garden

This past weekend I noticed a flurry of activity at the Perennial Garden at the corner of Ottawa and Pine in Coopersville.  There must have been 20 people sprucing up the Garden.  The weeds were flying!  The Garden is beautiful with the stone paver walkways and the fountain in the center.   There are also benches so you can sit and enjoy the Garden.  It's a great little spot to relax.  I love it!

Antiques appraisal event is May 5th

Antiques appraisal event is May 5th

From the Coopersville Area Historical Society & Museum:

May 5 - Appraiser Joan Bunn

The May 5 meeting will begin at 6 pm with appraiser Joan Bunn for our own annual "antiques road show" evening. Bring one or two items for appraisal. Hear what Joan has to say about all the items she sees that evening. Please note that there is a donation fee of $5 per item to be appraised.


Coopersville City Council meets April 11th

Coopersville City Council meets April 11th

COOPERSVILLE, Mich. - The Coopersville City Council will be meeting at 7:00 pm on Monday, April 11 in the council chamber.

For more information click here to visit the City's website.

Coopersville Farmers Markets to reopen in June

From the Coopersville Area Chamber of Commerce:

Thank you for your support of local farmers! 

The Coopersville Farmers Markets will open again in June 2011 and run through the end of October 2011. 

Wednesday Farmers Market

8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Farmers Market Pavilion located in the North Main Street Parking Lot

Friday Farmers Market

2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Veteran's Memorial Park located on W.