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Have you been wondering about the "Kindle"?

I grew up in the small town of Coopersville where many times throughout the year there is nothing to do.  That is when I turned to books. I would buy them from Family Fare or I would go to the library to get a book. I still ran into problems at the library. If I wanted a popular author that had a new book that just came out, I would be put on a waiting list for however long it took for the people in front of me to finish reading it. I read very quickly so I would get frustrated by the wait.  I have found a lot of great authors by reading their current book. Then I decide I want to read everything they ever wrote. Some of those books are from years ago and libraries just don't carry them anymore.

So I turned to the Kindle. I got one for Christmas and love it.  Have you seen the commercial showing you can use it in the sun with no glare?  It is very true.  It is very easy to use and it can store up to 3500 books.  They have thousands of free books to choose from. Their books are quite a bit cheaper than buying a book from a regular store. Amazon.com is very easy to access and has a great search engine for finding the book you are looking for. When you click on the book you would like to buy, there is a one-click option for buying the book. It automatically downloads the book to your Kindle. When my Kindle was purchased, I got the middle of the line cover.  That cover proved to create problems within the Kindle itself.  I called Amazon and they credited my account for the entire purchase price of the next higher cover (which was $25 more). The only thing I had to pay for was the tax. They shipped the new cover for free.  They have an excellent customer service department.  I have not had any problems since I got the new cover.

I am an avid reader. It was costing so much money a year to buy books.  I have already saved over $100 since Christmas buying the Kindle books. I went online last week to read the thicker instruction booklet than comes for the Kindle.  There was a website that offered to answer any question about the Kindle. I thought that would be easier than searching for the answer to my question through the online booklet. You ask a question and then you hit enter. The guy wanted $30 to answer the question. I backed out of that website very quickly. There was no mention of money when I entered the website. I went to Amazon.com and searched for the answer there. It was free and very easy to find the information I was looking for.  You can also share books by visiting http://lendle.me/

I love my Kindle and it is so easy to use. Now that you can share books, I save a lot more money. Check it out!